Dear Colleagues,

Big news! We are excited to announce today that we have reached an agreement with the NYU administration that allows us to vote “YES” for our union! 

Yesterday we — contract faculty from across campus — came together in Bobst to sign this historic agreement, which will let us vote in a neutral election. If a majority of contract faculty voting choose “UNION YES,” we can collectively bargain to improve our jobs and our job security.

We signed this agreement after ten months of negotiations — and, more importantly, after organizing, talking to colleagues, and being visible in our support. In it, the NYU administration has committed to respect our right to vote on unionization in a fair election, to stay neutral, and to bargain with us if a majority vote “UNION YES.”

Faculty across campus worked to secure this historic agreement. Click here to read our statement, then join us and commit to voting “YES” for CFU-UAW!

Mark your calendar for our town hall to kick off our election campaign.

Friday, January 19, 1pm, on Zoom.

We know that we do the work that makes NYU work. Our scholarship builds NYU’s reputation. Our service work keeps the gears turning. And we do a massive portion of the teaching that fulfills NYU’s educational mission. 

Winning this election agreement is an important achievement as we work to secure a stronger voice over our working conditions. We have had consistent majority support for unionization from faculty across campus for many semesters. Now that we have won the right to an election, the next step is to vote “YES” and win our union.

Voting “YES” will allow us to negotiate as equals with the administration to secure meaningful protections and improvements, and to help make NYU a better, more equitable and accessible institution. 

Voting “YES” will let us join thousands of NYU community members and hundreds of thousands of academic workers nationwide who already have collective bargaining. 

Voting “YES” will make us the largest union of full-time, non-tenure track faculty at a private university in the country and will establish our place in a national movement fighting to defend higher education from bad faith attacks of academic freedom and austerity budgets. 

Voting “YES” shows the way forward — for us, for NYU, and for our colleagues across academia.

You can read our full election agreement here. The specific dates of our election are still being determined, but we expect it will take place during the first half of spring semester. Join our Town Hall Friday January 19th for Q&A on the recent agreement and to learn more how to get involved in our efforts!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts — or to see how you can get involved. If you have colleagues with questions about the union, invite them to zoom into our town hall on Friday, January 19. You can RSVP here. 

In solidarity,

David Markus
Elisabeth Fay
Esther Truzman
Heather Woodley
Jacob Remes
Jeremy Nelson
Johann Jaeckel
Karla Rodriguez
Mark Braley
Peter Li
Richard Dorritie