Today, the NYU administration announced that the Annual Merit Increase (AMI) pool will be 3.5% in AY 2024-2025 for tenured and tenure-track faculty, and for non-bargaining unit full-time continuing contract faculty. You can read the full announcement here.

As the provost’s budget email appeared in inboxes across campus, the NYU administration contacted CFU-UAW’s Bargaining Committee to propose an identical AMI pool of 3.5% on the same terms for members of our union in AY 2024-2025, consistent with past practice. We are awaiting a full proposal in writing.

While we are pleased to see the NYU administration honor its legal obligations, we also know that salary compression and guaranteed annual increases are among the many reasons contract faculty voted overwhelmingly in favor of collective bargaining earlier this semester. We look forward to addressing these and other critical aspects of our work environment during contract negotiations.

To help us achieve those goals, please remember to fill out the bargaining survey so we have a better idea of your priorities for our first contract. You can follow updates related to bargaining as we prepare to negotiate our first contract with the administration on our website. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Richard Dorritie (Rory Meyers College of Nursing)
Elisabeth Fay (Expository Writing Program, FAS)
Robin Harvey (Teaching & Learning, Steinhardt)
Thomas Hill (Center for Global Affairs, SPS)
Peter Li (General Engineering, Tandon)
Benedetta Piantella (Technology, Culture, and Society, Tandon)
Jacob Remes (Gallatin School)
Chris Chan Roberson (Undergrad Film and TV, Tisch)
Jamie Root (French Literature, Thought, and Culture, FAS)
Fanny Shum (Mathematics, Courant, FAS)
Heidi White (Liberal Studies)