We told Andy Hamilton we need a union, and we’ll be waiting for his reply on March 1!

For six years, NYU contract faculty have been talking to each other about why we need a union. We’ve been comparing notes, signing cards, and building power in our schools and departments. We’ve learned about the cost that job insecurity imposes on us and our students. We’ve shared our struggles to stay afloat when our salaries don’t keep up with the cost of living. And more than half of us have signed cards in support of our union, Contract Faculty United.

Today over 500 of us told the NYU administration:

Respect our right to collectively bargain!

This afternoon, we delivered a petition signed by a clear majority of the contract faculty whose work makes NYU work. We told the NYU administration that we expect them to commit publicly to remaining neutral, to refrain from any effort to influence faculty against unionization, so we can come to an agreement for a fair and expeditious process to verify majority union support.

To keep the process of unionization moving forward, we asked NYU’s president and board of trustees to respond within the week. On Wednesday, March 1, we’ll come together with students, colleagues, and friends from across NYU to celebrate our majority support and call on the NYU administration to agree to a fair process for recognition of our union. 

Join us: Wednesday, March 1, at 1 p.m. at Schwartz Plaza. RSVP here!

In the weeks ahead, it will take all of us to win our union. Join us a week from today to take the next step.