Our adjunct colleagues have been bargaining with the NYU administration since last April. Negotiations come on the heels of a pandemic which has disproportionately burdened part-time faculty, who were not compensated for remote course preparation and were excluded from the one-time bonus payment given to full-time faculty. Our part-time colleagues have gone to great lengths to support our shared students during the pandemic and, as we know, the cost of living is skyrocketing. Yet the NYU administration refuses to budge on key economic proposals (learn more about bargaining here).

Like NYU’s AAUP Executive Committee, we are troubled by the NYU administration’s increasingly predictable recalcitrance at the bargaining table. Faculty on all lines — full-time contract, part-time, and tenure-track — gave their all during the pandemic, and we should all be fairly compensated. 

Please add your name to the pledge and tell NYU to agree to a fair contract for adjunct faculty!

As one of our adjunct colleagues noted at a recent labor event organized by students,“Our feeling is that if you’re teaching four to six classes at NYU, you should pretty much be getting enough money to survive in New York City, which we all know is not easy.”

We know that good conditions and more respect for one group of campus workers makes things better for all of us. That’s why, alongside the AAUP and other campus organizations, we’re standing together with our adjunct colleagues as they demand a fair contract. Will you join us?