On Thursday, the union for adjuncts at NYU (ACT-UAW) will sit down with the University to begin negotiating their new contract. While our adjunct colleagues raise initial demands at the bargaining table, we’ll be raising our voices in support of their efforts to secure more economic justice at NYU. 

We ask you to join us at a Rally for NYU Adjunct Faculty as they begin negotiations. The rally will start at 6:00 pm on Thurs. 4/14. We’ll meet at the Washington Square Park arch and move through the Village campus to Union Square, just two blocks from the bargaining committee in negotiations.

Adjunct faculty have been disproportionately burdened during the pandemic. Their work converting courses to new modalities has been entirely uncompensated, because NYU contends that teaching remotely does not constitute “course conversion.” Having spent time adapting courses ourselves over the past few years — much of that time similarly uncompensated, as those of us on 9 month contracts were enjoined to work through spring and summer break — we know that this is wrong. Our adjunct colleagues are right. NYU owes them. 

NYU owes us too, and we deserve the right to negotiate for needed improvements. Every conversation and support card builds more power for our union. Turning out on behalf of our colleagues is another way to build power and strengthen the muscles we’ll need to win our campaign for recognition – the more of us who show up in support, the stronger message it sends to NYU that we are united for a more equitable University.