Congratulations! A majority of full-time continuing contract faculty at NYU have signed cards, demonstrating clear support for the protections of a strong union contract won through collective bargaining. 

Our work doesn’t end here: we will continue to build support for our union, work towards recognition, and organize around our most pressing needs. We’re excited to take the next steps together, and join a nationwide academic labor movement. Contract faculty at Tufts, BU, Fordham, and Barnard have achieved real gains through collective bargaining, and we aim to build on their successes as we determine our own priorities as NYU faculty. With a union contract, we would have:

  • The ability to call NYU to the table over changes to our compensation, benefits, and working conditions—and greater leverage in negotiation.
  • Better job security and stronger protections against harassment and discrimination. 
  • More power to advocate for ourselves and our students, demand transparency, and hold leadership accountable.

For more information on collective bargaining and the next steps in the unionization process, visit the FAQ page on our website. It’s time for NYU to respect faculty voices and work with us to build a better and more equitable university. 

Please join us for an ongoing conversation about the issues we’re facing at our Drop-In this Fri. 9/11 from 3:00-4:30 pm on Zoom (register here). If you’re interested in getting more involved with the union effort, please reply to this email.