In the past week over 200 of our colleagues have signed our petition calling on the university to honor scheduled salary increases and give contract faculty the option of extending current appointments and contract renewal dates by one year. Through their organizing efforts, lecturers at Harvard have already won an initial commitment to maintain their scheduled raises. 

If you have already signed, please share the petition with your colleagues; if not, please take a moment to sign here. 

Many of us have heard from chairs and deans that the Annual Merit Increase will not be offered this year, and we are all awaiting more information about NYU’s plans for fall semester. Universities across the country are grappling with questions about enrollment, and debating short and long-term strategies to carry out their educational missions in this new reality. The decisions made in the weeks and months ahead will affect every one of us. We believe that all members of the NYU community–faculty, staff, and students–must be meaningfully included in contingency planning.

Please respond to this email and let us know if your department or school has announced any changes to the summer and fall semesters. We also encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss how we can organize around these issues together. 

Thank you to Adjuncts Come Together – UAW Local 7902, American Association of University Professors New York University Chapter, Student Labor Action Movement, Law Students for Economic Justice, and OPEIU Local 153 who have endorsed our petition. And to the prominent scholars that have promised to not accept invitations to institutions that do not “include non-tenure-track faculty and graduate workers in extensions of fixed-term contracts.”