ACT-UAW Stands in Solidarity with Contract Faculty United!

The members of ACT-UAW Local 7902 wholeheartedly support Contract Faculty United as it approaches its historic union vote. The contract faculty are an integral part of the NYU teaching community and their teaching conditions are students’ learning conditions. As a local with thousands of members who teach at NYU, ACT-UAW is thrilled that CFU-UAW will have the opportunity to join their fellow University workers in establishing collective bargaining. Both contract faculty and adjuncts do an increasingly large percentage of all teaching at NYU and deserve more of a say in how to make the University a more just and equitable institution for all.

Contract Faculty United signed a historic agreement earlier this month with NYU administration to begin the process of a fair and neutral representation election. This election would allow all 950 contract faculty to vote on whether they want CFU-UAW to represent them for collective bargaining. ACT-UAW enthusiastically applauds this agreement and urges the contract faculty to vote yes, thereby becoming the largest union of full-time non-tenure track private university professors in the nation.

ACT-UAW Local 7902 stands in solidarity with CFU-UAW, whose members will join a vast movement of workers in higher education who have negotiated meaningful improvements to their material lives through collective bargaining. We hope that should CFU-UAW be successful in its election, the university welcomes the opportunity to improve working and learning conditions for our union siblings in the contract faculty.

Joint Council
ACT-UAW Local 7902