As NYU contract faculty, we are coming together to bargain collectively with New York University and build our political voice as educators and researchers whose work sustains this institution. We are joining the thousands of academic workers at Columbia and The New School who are seeking to secure a better future through collective bargaining, and we are part of a growing movement in private institutions like Barnard, BU, Tufts, and Fordham, where unionized contract faculty have negotiated meaningful improvements to salary, benefits, and working conditions.

Without collective bargaining, we have experienced stagnant salaries, increasing workloads, vanishing benefits, threats to job security, and a lack of transparency in administrative policies. If our benefits and working conditions are secured in a collective bargaining agreement, NYU cannot change the terms of our employment without our consent. As employees across NYU, we have formed a union in order to improve our working conditions and to make the university a more equitable and accessible institution for teaching, research, and learning.


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Have questions or want to get involved in improving your working conditions at NYU? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contract gains by other academic unions.


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Throughout higher education, faculty are being turned into contingent workers. Here's the story of a group of contract faculty at @nyuniversity seeking to organize union with @CfuUaw to protect their jobs and livelihoods. @BurnesCenter's @PowerAtWorkBlog:

Quickly becoming a @HannahGurman superfan — if you missed her excellent speech at last week's Triangle Fire Commemoration, catch her breaking down @cfuuaw's fight for recognition here (~38:00):

Our union drive “isn't happening because people hate their jobs,” our Lane Anderson tells @PowerAtWorkBlog. “People mostly love this job, and they want to keep it and make it sustainable too.”

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